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  • Legislation initiated by the FORVM’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Working Committee passes establishing the Task Force on Resource Based Industry.
  • The FORVM, with the leadership of the Rural Caucus, successfully initiates the creation of the Maryland Agricultural Education and Rural Development Assistance Fund (MAERDAF), which is established to provide financial assistance to rural-serving nonprofit organizations and community colleges that support small and agricultural businesses.
  • Legislation supported by the FORVM passes that doubles State financial support for rural regional libraries located in Southern and Western Maryland as well as on the Eastern Shore.
  • The Microenterprise Council of Maryland is established. FORVM Executive Director Steve McHenry is elected to serve as the Council’s first Chairman.
  • The FORVM’s Infrastructure Working Committee examines small community wastewater needs and works with the Governor’s Task Force on Upgrading Sewerage Treatment Systems.
  • The FORVM supports with the work of the Eastern Shore Economic Development Task Force and assists with its regional development and outreach efforts.
  • LEAD Maryland (Maryland’s new agricultural and rural leadership development program) “graduates” its first class of fellows. FORVM staff participates in the program and serve on the LEAD Curriculum Committee. (FORVM staff also serves on several state/national advisory panels.)