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  • For Fiscal Year 2013, the RMC received a line item appropriation of $167,000 through the State’s Operating Budget. The council reported $170,970 in carried over funding received in Fiscal Year 2012 through the Invest Maryland Initiative. Additional operating funding of approximately $25,000 was received in horse racing revenues. Total Fiscal Year appropriations were $383,182.14 with expenses totaling $246,825.48.
  • The State Office of Rural Health (SORH), Rural Maryland Council (RMC), and Maryland Rural Health Association (MRHA) jointly hosted a webinar on May 21, 2013, on an upcoming Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rural Health Care Connect Fund. A presentation was made by Mark Walker of Wireline Competition Bureau of the FCC.
  • Cohosted with the Maryland Rural Health Association and the State Office of Rural Health, the Rural Action Assembly is held on October 17 and 18, 2013 at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Harford County.