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Southern Maryland Nonprofit Needs Assessment

To better understand the capacity-building needs of area nonprofits, the Community Foundation of Southern Maryland has partnered with Network for Good to administer this brief needs assessment. Your participation in this assessment will help us identify your organization’s most common challenges and opportunities for growth.

Prior to beginning the assessment, please note the data-points we’ll request below. With that information in hand, it should be possible to complete this assessment in 5 minutes.

The Community Foundation staff will utilize the results of this assessment to begin a conversation with other funders about the challenges nonprofits face and how we might collectively address those challenges. Any challenges expressed in your responses WILL NOT influence existing or future grant commitments. Also, as a thank you for your participating, you will see a link to download a free toolkit of various fundraising templates.

After completing this short assessment, you’ll have access to the download link for a free toolkit of fundraising templates, which can help you:

  1. Assess your fundraising potential to set right-sized goals;
  2. Engage your board of directors in direct fundraising activities;
  3. Build and deploy a small spring giving the campaign.